A Note of Appreciation

Now, last year was an immensely challenging year for me, in many ways. Friends graduated and left, family members passed away, teaching practicum began, and I felt like I was in a constant battle to stay afloat. Sometime towards the end of the year when I was supposed to be completing my term paper, I […]

A Primer for Young Graduates

I completed my studies last year in December. My results were finalized in mid January. I sent in my audit form at the end of the same month. In mid February, the senate approved and my status on the student portal changed from ‘completed’ to ‘graduated.’ After a few weeks of procrastinating, I went to […]


The End of the Road, and Who Sam Is

The End of the Road, and Who Sam Is

Hello readers, As many of you must have noticed by now, there hasn’t been much activity on the blog lately and updates have gotten less and less over the past year or two. I have been quite busy ever since completing my studies and leaving UNISEL long ago. The only thing that I constantly kept […]